Understanding the Link Between Social Media Use and Mental Health Issues


  • Mohammed Yunus # 9, Wheeler Road Extension, St. Thomas Town, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA.




Social media use, Mental health, Psychological mechanisms, Vulnerable populations, Responsible social media use, Interventions and policies


This article explores the connection between social media use and mental health, with an emphasis on the potential negative consequences and techniques for promoting positive well- being. It examines previous research on the psychological factors underlying social media's impact on mental health, such as social comparison, FOMO, cyberbullying, and online social support. The article additionally highlights vulnerable demographics, such as teenagers, young adults, and people with pre-existing mental health disorders, who may be especially prone to social media's harmful consequences. It emphasises the significance of responsible social media use and moderation in reducing negative outcomes and suggests viable interventions, legislation, and recommendations to develop a better digital environment that promotes mental well-being.




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Mohammed Yunus. (2023). Understanding the Link Between Social Media Use and Mental Health Issues. Journal of Clinical Research and Applied Medicine, 3(3), 31–36. https://doi.org/10.5530/jcram.3.3.7