Journal of Clinical Research and Applied Medicine: Announcements <p style="user-select: auto;">The Journal of Clinical Research and Applied Medicine <strong style="user-select: auto;">(JCRAM</strong>) ISSN<strong>:</strong> 2583-0562 (Online), is a peer-reviewed, quarterly online journal aiming to communicate high-quality research articles, review articles, case studies, case series in the field of Medical Science (From Basic to Advanced research in all the fields of Medical science).</p> <p style="user-select: auto;"><strong style="user-select: auto;">JCRAM</strong> is open access, peer-reviewed and online journal that will encompass all aspects of basic research/clinical studies related to the field of Medical science. With the advancement of new technologies and the increasing expectation and demand from researchers, we are witnessing an enormous growth in clinical research. The journal seeks to promote research, exchange of scientific information, consideration of regulatory mechanisms that promote innovatory research in the field of Medical science. <strong style="user-select: auto;">JCRAM</strong> provides a platform for the exchange of new scientific information in the most precise and expeditious way to achieve timely dissemination of information and cross-fertilization of ideas. It is published quarterly and available in online versions.</p> <p style="user-select: auto;">The journal is Abstracted and Indexed in: Google Scholar, <a href="">Index Copernicus</a>, <a href="">SCILIT</a>.</p> <p style="user-select: auto;"><strong style="user-select: auto;"><u style="user-select: auto;">Scope of the journal</u></strong></p> <p style="user-select: auto;">Journal of Clinical Research and Applied Medicine (<strong style="user-select: auto;">JCRAM</strong>) aims to help students, researchers and scientists, worldwide to benefit from high-quality peer-reviewed articles and to their high performing works in the entire arena of Medical sciences. <strong style="user-select: auto;">JCRAM</strong> take much care in making your article published without much delay with your kind cooperation and support.</p> <p style="user-select: auto;">Original research papers, review articles, short communications, case studies, case series are welcomed provided they demonstrate new findings of relevance to the field as a whole. All articles will be peer-reviewed and will find a place in the Journal of Clinical Research and Innovation in Medicine (<strong style="user-select: auto;">JCRAM</strong>) based on the merit and innovativeness of the research work. <strong style="user-select: auto;">JCRAM</strong> hopes that Researchers, Research scholars, Academician, Industrialists, etc. would make use of this journal for the development of Medical science.</p> <p style="user-select: auto;"><span style="font-size: 0.875rem;"><strong style="user-select: auto;"><em style="user-select: auto;">Subjects Include</em></strong>:</span></p> <ul style="user-select: auto;"> <li style="user-select: auto;">Anatomy</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Physiology</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Biochemistry</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Pharmacology</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Pathology</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Forensic Medicine</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Microbiology</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">ENT</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Ophthalmology</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Preventive &amp; Social Medicine</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Internal Medicine</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Surgery</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Obstetrics &amp; Gynecology</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Pediatrics</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Anesthesiology</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Radiology</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Skin &amp; VD</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">TB &amp; Chest</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Psychiatry</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Dentistry</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Clinical Epidemiology</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Biomedical Engineering</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Orthopaedic</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Pharmacy</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Nursing/Paramedical</li> <li style="user-select: auto;">Digital Health</li> </ul> <p>Journal of Clinical Research and Applied Medicine, and its contents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivs 4.0 License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available with</p> en-US Mon, 12 Jul 2021 03:23:33 -0400 OJS 60 Submission: Call for Research Papers 2021 <p><strong>Call for Research Papers 2021</strong></p> <p>International Journal of Clinical Research and Innovation in Medical Sciences (IJCRIMS) invites scientific works in the following subjects to be submitted for publication in the year 2021.</p> <ul> <li>Anatomy</li> <li>Physiology</li> <li>Biochemistry</li> <li>Pharmacology</li> <li>Pathology</li> <li>Forensic Medicine</li> <li>Microbiology</li> <li>ENT</li> <li>Ophthalmology</li> <li>Preventive &amp; Social Medicine</li> <li>Internal Medicine</li> <li>Surgery</li> <li>Obstetrics &amp; Gynecology</li> <li>Pediatrics</li> <li>Anesthesiology</li> <li>Radiology</li> <li>Skin &amp; VD</li> <li>TB &amp; Chest</li> <li>Psychiatry</li> <li>Dentistry</li> <li>Clinical Epidemiology</li> <li>Biomedical Engineering</li> <li>Pharmacy</li> <li>Nursing/Paramedical</li> </ul> <p class="rtejustify"><strong>Important dates</strong></p> <p class="rtejustify"><strong>Abstract submission deadline: </strong>10<sup>th</sup> August 2021</p> <p class="rtejustify"><strong>Full paper submission deadline: </strong>31<sup>st</sup> August 2021</p> <p class="rtejustify"><strong>(should be submitted to the online journal submission system) </strong></p> <p class="rtejustify"><strong>Publication of the issues: </strong>November/December 2021</p> Mon, 12 Jul 2021 03:23:33 -0400